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Top 5 Amazing Health Benefits of IV Therapy

You’re out of sorts, out of energy, and just don’t feel like yourself. Whether you overdid it during sports, are plagued by a chronic ailment, or are finally feeling your age, relief is just one hour away with vitamin-rich IV therapy.

May 1st, 2019
Revive Your Sex Life With MonaLisa Touch

If vaginal discomfort is taking the fun out of your sex life, consider a treatment with the MonaLisa Touch®, a gentle laser procedure that can rejuvenate your vaginal tissue and revitalize your sex life.

Mar 14th, 2019
What is a Bone Density Test and Do You Need One?

You’ve heard about bone density tests, but you don’t really need one, right? But then you remember Grandma’s dowager’s hump. And how a friend’s parent recently broke a hip. Would having a scan help prevent that type of outcome?

Feb 13th, 2019