Get your Beach Body Ready in Time for Summer with SculpSure

Beach Body SculpSure Patrick County Family Practice

It’s tempting to prescribe diet and exercise as a cure-all for looking and feeling our best. We’ve all heard stories about people able to lose hundreds of pounds simply by switching their diet or training for a marathon. Thankfully, most of us don’t have hundreds of pounds to lose – we start a diet or exercise plan with a modest amount to lose or targeted area we’d like to shrink. Unfortunately, many weight-loss journeys reach a plateau; we see great results, but unfortunately fall a few pounds short or have one area that didn’t improve as much as we were expecting.

If these scenarios sound like your weight-loss experiences, SculpSure may be the solution you’re seeking. Although anyone can use SculpSure, it’s designed to eliminate fat in specific areas where diet and exercise didn’t produce the desired results. Examples include:

Best of all, FDA-approved SculpSure is completely customizable, noninvasive, quick (25-minute sessions), and mostly pain-free!

Hard-to-Lose Fat

There is a never-ending list of reasons our patients seek to lose weight – every weight-loss journey is the combination of a multitude of factors. When it comes to getting their body “beach” or “swimsuit” ready, however, specific areas are more common. By their nature, swimsuits tend to draw our eyes toward certain areas. Although we may be able to hide our problem spots in regular clothes, swimsuits aren’t always able to mask love handles, arm fat, or thigh fat. These exact areas might be the same areas that you’re looking to trim down.

If you go into a diet or exercise regimen with a specific area in mind, it can be frustrating to see other places lose the fat instead. A lot of this is due to your genetic body profile and sex. Women in particular may have trouble losing weight in their hips, butts, and thighs; no matter what your plan is in regard to children, your body wants to keep these crucial childbearing areas ready. If there is an upside to all of this, it’s the fact that you tend you lose weight in the same places you’ve gained it. If you recently noticed your love handles growing, they’ll likely be the first to go.

Pinpoint your Fat Loss

Luckily, we’ve moved past relying solely on genetics for weight loss. SculpSure uses lasers to eliminate fat cells in areas where stubborn fat just won’t seem to go away. The energy from the laser penetrates the first layer of the skin to heat up the fat cells to the point that they die. The dead cells are then naturally passed through your body’s waste systems.

As described above, SculpSure is not the solution to systemic weight loss. It’s best for people who are already physically active and at or near their ideal weight. To see the best outcomes, you need to target a specific area. If you’re near your beach body goal in your waist, abdomen, or arms, SculpSure will give you the results you want. And because SculpSure literally eliminates cells, any fat will have a hard time returning to the treated area.

Truly Noninvasive

The definition of noninvasive has been pulled in so many different directions that it’s become basically unrecognizable. SculpSure is noninvasive in the truest sense possible. Treatments take just 25 minutes and are largely painless. Neither anesthesia nor topical numbing creams are necessary. Most patients report warmth, tugging, and tingling during their procedure. After your treatment, you’re fine to go about your day as normal. You could schedule a treatment during your lunch hour or while your kids are in after-school activities and never miss a beat.

Interested in SculpSure? Call one of our two convenient locations in Stuart, or request an appointment online. Patrick County Family Practice will have your body ready for the beach in no time!

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