When you have a suspected broken bone or other complicated internal issues, an X-ray can be one of the best diagnostic tools to determine the exact problem. At Patrick County Family Practice in Stuart, Virginia, the experienced team of providers offers state-of-the-art X-ray technology on-site. Call Patrick County Family Practice for an urgent care appointment, schedule one online right today, or just come into their urgent care office.

What are the benefits of on-site X-ray services?

With on-site X-ray services, the team at Patrick County Family Practice is ready to address any urgent care need, such as a compound fracture, broken toe, or even pneumonia. You can skip the busy emergency room and come straight to their urgent care office.

In-house imaging services mean you have shorter wait times and quicker evaluation of your results as there’s no need to wait for the transfer of data between offices. This means faster diagnosis and treatment, too.

What conditions can be diagnosed with X-ray?

You’re probably familiar with X-rays to evaluate broken bones. The technology is valuable in diagnosing other conditions as well, including:

  • Kidney stones
  • Bowel obstructions
  • Pneumonia or fluid in your lungs
  • Joint dislocations

The providers at Patrick County Family Practice evaluate your symptoms to determine if an X-ray is the right diagnostic step for you.

What should I expect during an X-ray?

X-rays themselves aren’t painful, but you may experience discomfort when asked to hold a specific position to get a good image. An X-ray may be taken standing, seated, or laying down depending on where on your body is being examined.

You’ll have the X-ray tube angled toward the affected area. The radiation runs through your body to create the image, and you feel nothing during this process.

The team at Patrick County Family Practice also offers digital X-rays. These don’t involve traditional X-ray film and the need to develop it to see an image. A digital X-ray projects images almost immediately onto a computer screen so your condition can be diagnosed all the more quickly.

When is an X-ray not helpful as a diagnostic tool?

If you have injured your connective tissue, such as a muscle or ligament, it won’t show up on an X-ray. Bone bruises and even microscopic fractures are also often hard to see on an X-ray.

You can still have a very real and serious injury even if you don’t have a broken bone on an X-ray. Torn ligaments, for example, can be disabling but won’t appear in an X-ray image.

Are X-rays dangerous?

You receive such a small dose of radiation during an X-ray that you don’t have to worry about exposure. Do alert the staff if you’re pregnant or may be pregnant as even a small amount of radiation can be harmful to a fetus.

If you need an X-ray, call Patrick County Family Practice, schedule an appointment using online booking, or visit their urgent care office.

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